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Choosing Your Champion: The Importance of Selecting the Right Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges is stressful, and there’s a lot at stake—even when the charge is a misdemeanor. One of the most important things you can do to reduce stress and ...
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Is it illegal to spank my child in Georgia?

The law in Georgia provides several different ways for a child abuse to be prosecuted. Most of the time it will be prosecuted as cruelty to children. However, there are ...
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Can I get my probation terminated early?

Do you want to have your probation end? Want to stop reporting to your probation officer? Do you want to know if you can get your probation terminated early? If ...
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I did not have drugs on me, can I still be convicted of possession? Isn’t possession nine-tenths of the law?

A lot of people mistakenly apply an old phrase “possession is nine-tenths of the law” to the wrong context.  In Georgia, possession can be sole or joint, and actual or ...
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Can the police lie during an interrogation?

Short answer: Yes, they can. Long Answer: When investigating a crime, the police often try to get the suspect to give a confession.  They use an “interrogation” (custodial interview) to ...
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Does Georgia have mandatory minimum sentences?

With regards to crimes committed in Georgia that are pending in State or Superior Court, the judges have wide discretion in fashioning a sentence. There are no “sentencing guidelines” like ...
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