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Augusta Defense Attorney

J Todd Mitchell

Todd brings his passion for aggressive, competent, and knowledgeable criminal defense to the J Todd Mitchell Law Firm where he continues to focus solely on criminal defense cases in Augusta, GA.

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University of Georgia School of Law, Cum Laude 2011University of Georgia, Terry College of Business, Magna Cum Laude 2008

James Todd Mitchell earned his law degree from the University of Georgia School of Law where he graduated with honors. When he was in law school, Todd clerked for then Superior Court Judge William Ray. Judge Ray later served as a justice on the Georgia Court of Appeals and is now a Federal District Court Judge. Todd obtained valuable behind-the-curtains insight into how judicial decisions are made.

After Law School

Trial Attorney
Public Defender’s Office, Augusta, Georgia

After law school, Todd found his home in Augusta, Georgia. He earned his reputation for being a hard-working trial attorney by managing large caseloads at the Public Defender’s Office. Despite having a high caseload, Todd proved himself as a winner in the courtroom, achieving wins for clients through jury trials and through negotiating on behalf of his clients. Amongst these wins include acquittals in many jury trials including murder and rape, getting cases dismissed through negotiation, and getting a murder conviction overturned on appeal and replaced with a significantly reduced sentence.

Managing Attorney, Felony and Appellate Division
Public Defender’s Office, Augusta, Georgia

Todd was the managing attorney for the felony and appellate division where he oversaw the operations of more than 20 Superior Court lawyers representing clients in the Augusta Judicial Circuit.

Not A Former

“I have always been on the side of the falsely
accused, the over-charged, and the innocent.”

I am not a former prosecutor. Some criminal defense attorneys like to highlight their past as being a former prosecutor. Personally, I have always been on the side of individual liberty and fighting for the rights of the accused. I have never asked a judge to send someone with a minor drug possession charge to prison…that is antithetical to who I am as a person. When I see a defense attorney who was a former prosecutor, my mind wonders, “what made this person attracted to being a prosecutor?

The premise that “you have to know how to think like a prosecutor in order to beat a prosecutor” is a logical fallacy and my long list of victories is proof of that. Why spend time being a prosecutor when you can get better at beating prosecutors?

I do not have anything against prosecutors…in fact, I have a very good working relationship with many of them. Having a good working relationship with prosecutors is important so that I can achieve good results for my clients. With that said, I have never been on the other side of the courtroom…I have always been on the side of the falsely accused, the over-charged, and the innocent.

Client Reviews

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Best Possible Outcome

"Wasn’t feeling very hopeful about my case but Mr. Mitchell managed to get me the best possible outcome. In the beginning I was on the fence about getting an attorney (if it’d be worth it) but I’m very glad I did. He delivered exactly what I asked for, even when it felt impossible."

Todd Saved My Life

"My murder charge got dismissed!! After 4.5 years of being on house arrest, being told "no" in court over multiple times & having zero hope in my previous attorney the moment I hired Todd he literally went to war to fight for this case for me, he never made promises he just kept his word to fight for me. The odds were against me Todd changed that!! If your freedom is on the line call Todd."

Skilled, Respectful Representation

"Mr. Mitchell turned a complex issue that we had been fighting for years into an outcome we didn't think was possible, in a matter of months. Make him your first call and you will not regret it. I highly recommend Todd Mitchell"

Won My Case In Less Than 1 Hour

"Mr. Todd was a great attorney and handled my case quickly. I hired him three days before my trial and he came in, did a great job, and he got my case beat in less then an hour in the courtroom. I can't recommend Todd Mitchell enough"

Successfully Proved My Son's Innocence

"Mr. Todd took the time to listen to my son's side of the story. He was very understanding and patient. He took the time to gather the evidence that supported the case and proved my son's innocence. We are very appreciative. Again, thank you!"

The King of Trials - Mr. J. Todd "The Lion" Mitchell 

"Mr. Mitchell is a real lion in the court room. I was facing 52 years and came out with a 2-5 year sentence. When his back is against the wall, Todd doesn't give up. I think he should change his name to J. Todd "The Lion" Mitchell. He is the only lawyer I will trust."

Todd is Knowledgeable & Fearless!

"I was in an impossible situation and thought I would spend a chunk of my life behind bars. Then God sent Todd Mitchell. He spoke up for me to the judge and D.A. at the hearing and was continuously on top of the case. His is the only number I'll call."

Great Counsel and a Great Outcome

"I hired Todd to handle a criminal case with a high probability of significant jail time. He was key in navigating the complexities of my case and always offered sound advice which ultimately resulted in the best possible outcome for my circumstances."

Todd Mitchell is a Winning Trial Expert

"Todd Mitchell is a trial expert, not just a criminal defense lawyer. His extensive experience WINNING trials, not just trying them, sets him apart from other attorneys in this area. If you want someone who will fight for you, hire Todd Mitchell."