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The Todd Mitchell Law Firm is an Augusta criminal defense law firm committed to protecting your future against criminal accusations.

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A Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Will Fight for Your Freedom

We are an Augusta criminal defense law firm that fights for justice, individual liberty and freedom.

I am a criminal defense attorney in Augusta, GA who understands what’s at stake in a criminal case: your money, your freedom, your job opportunities, and even your reputation. I founded the J. Todd Mitchell law firm to ensure that people facing criminal charges in and around Augusta, Georgia have access to the zealous representation they deserve.

For more than a decade, I have represented Georgia criminal defendants with passion and dedication, first in the Public Defender’s office and then in private practice. With extensive experience in all facets of the criminal justice system, I will thoroughly assess your case to find the best criminal defenses for you.

If you are looking for an experienced criminal defense attorney in Augusta, Georgia, your search stops here. J Todd Mitchell Law Firm has over 10 years of exclusive expertise as a criminal defense lawyer, and no case is too big or too small. From bond hearings and criminal defense cases to DUIs, domestic violence charges, drug crimes, probation violations, sex crimes, and more, you can expect the right amount of passion and commitment required to win your case.

Free Criminal Defense Consultations.

Protect Your Rights and Options.

I know from experience how important it is that you have knowledgeable guidance right away after you’ve been charged with a crime. The criminal justice process is a sea of pitfalls for someone unfamiliar with the system. I want to make sure you have access to the information you need right from the start, so your initial consultation is free.

Our Augusta Criminal Defense Practice

We can guide you through every step of the criminal defense process.


Pre-Trial Investigation

Speaking with witnesses, gathering evidence, presenting this information to the prosecutor to try and avoid criminal charges.


Bond Hearings/ Preliminary Hearings

Getting my clients released on bond is important first step.


Criminal Defense Motions

I can help navigate these pre-trial issues, by challenging illegal police action in a motion to suppress, attacking illegal indictments through demurrers, and finding other case-specific creative attacks.


Jury Trial

From family violence misdemeanor offenses to homicide charges, if you need someone who is confident in preparing and handling a jury trial, call my office.


Probation Violations

Probation violations and revocations can result in serious jail time. I have extensive experience when facing probation violation.


Appeals and Modifications of Probation

Post-conviction success can be difficult to achieve. I previously managed the appellate division of the Augusta Circuit Public Defender’s office.

Criminal Defense Attorney Reviews

Our perfect 5-star rating on Google is a testament to our proven track record and commitment to protecting your rights.

Best Possible Outcome

"Wasn’t feeling very hopeful about my case but Mr. Mitchell managed to get me the best possible outcome. In the beginning I was on the fence about getting an attorney (if it’d be worth it) but I’m very glad I did. He delivered exactly what I asked for, even when it felt impossible."

Todd Saved My Life

"My murder charge got dismissed!! After 4.5 years of being on house arrest, being told "no" in court over multiple times & having zero hope in my previous attorney the moment I hired Todd he literally went to war to fight for this case for me, he never made promises he just kept his word to fight for me. The odds were against me Todd changed that!! If your freedom is on the line call Todd."

Skilled, Respectful Representation

"Mr. Mitchell turned a complex issue that we had been fighting for years into an outcome we didn't think was possible, in a matter of months. Make him your first call and you will not regret it. I highly recommend Todd Mitchell"

Won My Case In Less Than 1 Hour

"Mr. Todd was a great attorney and handled my case quickly. I hired him three days before my trial and he came in, did a great job, and he got my case beat in less then an hour in the courtroom. I can't recommend Todd Mitchell enough"

Successfully Proved My Son's Innocence

"Mr. Todd took the time to listen to my son's side of the story. He was very understanding and patient. He took the time to gather the evidence that supported the case and proved my son's innocence. We are very appreciative. Again, thank you!"

The King of Trials - Mr. J. Todd "The Lion" Mitchell 

"Mr. Mitchell is a real lion in the court room. I was facing 52 years and came out with a 2-5 year sentence. When his back is against the wall, Todd doesn't give up. I think he should change his name to J. Todd "The Lion" Mitchell. He is the only lawyer I will trust."

Todd is Knowledgeable & Fearless!

"I was in an impossible situation and thought I would spend a chunk of my life behind bars. Then God sent Todd Mitchell. He spoke up for me to the judge and D.A. at the hearing and was continuously on top of the case. His is the only number I'll call."

Great Counsel and a Great Outcome

"I hired Todd to handle a criminal case with a high probability of significant jail time. He was key in navigating the complexities of my case and always offered sound advice which ultimately resulted in the best possible outcome for my circumstances."

Todd Mitchell is a Winning Trial Expert

"Todd Mitchell is a trial expert, not just a criminal defense lawyer. His extensive experience WINNING trials, not just trying them, sets him apart from other attorneys in this area. If you want someone who will fight for you, hire Todd Mitchell."

Augusta Criminal Defense Cases We Handle

Regardless of the charges, we will treat every case with the respect it deserves.

Augusta Criminal Defense Cases We Handle

Regardless of the charges, we will treat every case with the respect it deserves.

Full-Service Criminal Defense Lawyer

Most of the work in a criminal defense case happens outside the courtroom. I understand the importance of thorough groundwork, and know how to investigate your case and identify issues such as weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence and opportunities to suppress evidence.

The early stages of your case may involve witness interviews, pre-trial motions and other criminal defense practices you don’t see on television. This preparation and pre-trial practice gives us leverage to negotiate with the prosecution for a favorable plea agreement, and dismissal of some charges. I have even been successful in negotiating for a full dismissal of charges without trial.

At the same time, the gathering of evidence and development of legal theories serves as a foundation for your case if it turns out to be in your best interest to fight the charges at trial.

I Will Fight for You in the Courtroom

When your future is on the line, it’s important to have a criminal defense lawyer who will fight for you in court. I am passionate about protecting my clients and am well-prepared to fight that battle in the courtroom if that’s the best option for you. My criminal defense trial experience includes winning acquittals in cases involving charges as serious as rape and murder.

Criminal Appeals

Most criminal defense attorneys focus on the trial level, referring clients to appellate attorneys if they need to take the next step. I have experience with the full range of criminal proceedings, including appeals. In the Public Defender’s office, I served as Managing Attorney for the Felony and Appellate Division. Whether you’ve just been charged with a crime or have been convicted and are considering filing an appeal, I can help.

Core Beliefs

Our core values and beliefs.

I Believe in Innocence

I believe in the presumption of innocence and protecting innocence. I believe that many people are falsely accused of things they did not do and that I can help highlight those false accusations and stand up for innocence. If the State cannot prove their case, why plead guilty?

I Believe in Fighting

I believe in fighting.  If you just want to plead guilty, you can probably just do that yourself.  My job is to look for ways out of criminal charges and holding the state to their burden.

I Believe in Only Handling Criminal Defense

My law practice is limited to criminal defense. I am not a general practitioner.  I spend 100% of my law practice learning and getting better at a single thing: criminal defense.

I Believe in Rehabilitation

I believe that drug abuse and addiction are the underlying reasons why many people find themselves in the criminal justice system.  Being incarcerated in a jail cell does nothing to treat underlying substance addiction.  The criminal justice system should be focused less on punitive outcomes and more on rehabilitation.

I Believe that Being Charged is Scary and Traumatic

I believe that the criminal justice system can be scary.  The police and prosecutors have the power to charge and the power to dismiss.  You need a criminal defense attorney who has experience in dealing with prosecutors and negotiating or winning the best possible outcome.

I Believe in Second Chances

I believe in second chances. Some good people make bad mistakes.  Good people do not need to have their lives ruined for a temporary lapse in judgment.  I do not want to see a mistake stay on your record forever. 

I Believe in Fighting for Freedom

I believe in individual liberty and freedom.  I’ve spent my entire career fighting for freedom and on the side of individuals.  I have never prosecuted a case.  I have never asked the judge to send someone to prison for a drug offense.  I’m dedicated to fighting for the people, and not fighting for the police and for mass incarceration. I believe in freedom.  Freedom from jail.  Freedom from probation.  Freedom from having to go back and forth to the courthouse.  I will fight for freedom.

You are More than a Criminal Defense Case to Us

When you hire me as your criminal defense attorney to represent you, you get the benefit of my years of experience successfully representing Augusta-area criminal defendants. But, that’s only the beginning. I understand that you’re a unique person with a whole life to protect, and facing criminal charges can be frightening and destabilizing. I’m not just here to fight the charges against you. I will also help you move through the process with the peace of mind that comes from complete, reliable information and the knowledge that you have a dedicated advocate at your side.

Criminal Defense Case Results

Stakes are high in criminal defense cases, so the results matter most.

Reduced to Cruelty to Children

Child Molestation

Two counts of Child Molestation- reduced to two counts of cruelty to children.

Reduced to Voluntary Manslaughter


Client charged with murder and possession of a firearm. Case reduced to Voluntary Manslaughter.

Not Guilty


Client charged with rape, kidnapping, home invasion, burglary in the first degree, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. Not guilty all counts.

Not Guilty


Client charged with Burglary in the First Degree. Not guilty Burglary. Convicted of misdemeanor criminal trespass.

Reduced to Simple Possession


Trafficking methamphetamine. Reduced to simple possession of methamphetamine and probation.

Not Guilty


Client charged with rape and other offenses. Not guilty of rape. Convicted of lesser charges.

Not Guilty

Possession With Intent

Client charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Jury verdict of simple possession of marijuana.

Dead Docket

Aggravated Child Molestation

Six Counts of Aggravated Child Molestation. Case placed on the dead docket. Defendant released from jail.

Reduced to Cruelty to Children

Child Molestation

Two counts of Child Molestation- reduced to two counts of cruelty to children.

Criminal Defense Attorney FAQs

Have a specific criminal defense question? Contact us today!

Yes. A criminal defense attorney may be described in many different ways, including criminal attorney, criminal defense attorney, defense lawyer, defense attorney, and criminal defense lawyer. They are all just different ways of describing an attorney who represents people who have been charged with crimes.

You may also hear the term “defense attorney” used to describe someone who is on the defending side of other types of cases, such as a lawyer who represents insurance companies defending against claims from people injured in car accidents. But, in the context of the criminal justice system, all of these terms describe the same role.

A criminal defense lawyer protects the rights of a person who has been accused of a crime and defends that person against the charges. Fighting criminal charges on behalf of a client can take many forms, including investigating the case, negotiating with the prosecution, filing pretrial motions to suppress evidence, assembling evidence for trial, interviewing witnesses, and–if it’s in your best interest–presenting evidence in court and arguing the case to a jury.

An Augusta, GA criminal defense attorney will also protect you and your case in a variety of other ways, including managing deadlines and technical requirements, ensuring that you understand the charges against you and your options for moving forward, arguing for bond, and providing a buffer between you and a system that does not have your best interests at heart.

A criminal defense attorney’s preferred outcome will always be to get the charges against a criminal defendant dismissed or win an acquittal at trial. But, in practice, the goal of a defense attorney is shaped in part by the client’s goals and in part by circumstances. The best way to describe the goal would be “to secure the best outcome possible for you under the circumstances.”

Augusta criminal defense attorney J Todd Mitchell will talk to you about your goals and priorities and explain the strength or weakness of the evidence against you and how that impacts your options.

If you have been arrested, charged with a crime, asked to come in for questioning, or just have knowledge that you are being investigated for a crime, you should talk to an Augusta criminal lawyer right away. Having an experienced defense lawyer in your corner from the beginning can impact everything from how quickly you get bail and how much you have to pay to the outcome of your case.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that talking to the police will help them avoid charges. Sometimes, that’s because the person being questioned knows that they haven’t committed a crime and so they believe that they can set the record straight and put an end to the proceeding. Sometimes, it’s because someone who may be implicated in a crime thinks it will look suspicious if they don’t talk. But, it’s very easy to make innocent mistakes that can land you in deeper trouble. Police are even allowed to lie to trick you into making statements against your own interest.

Having someone who thoroughly understands the law and the possible pitfalls on your side from the start can make all the difference.

Absolutely, for several reasons. First, it’s important to understand the rights you’re giving up when you plead guilty and know the strength or weakness of the case against you. Prosecutors are supposed to tell you about any evidence they have that helps your case, but that doesn’t always happen. An experienced defense attorney may recognize a flaw in your case that can be used to negotiate a favorable plea agreement, reduce the charges, or even get the case dismissed.

Even if you are committed to pleading guilty, having a criminal lawyer on your side can significantly impact the outcome. If you simply enter a guilty plea, the judge can impose any sentence that is legally permitted. But, with an attorney negotiating for you in advance, you can usually nail down terms before you enter a plea.

When choosing a criminal defense attorney in Augusta, the first thing you should look for is experience. Many attorneys take on a wide range of cases and may not have deep experience with the local criminal justice system. You’ll want to make sure that your lawyer has experience with cases similar to yours, and that they have experience in the local criminal courts.

You’ll also want to choose an attorney who listens to your questions and takes the time to answer them in a clear, understandable way. Facing criminal charges is stressful. It’s important that you can rely on your attorney to tell you what to expect, and that you feel comfortable discussing the details of your case and factors that may impact sentencing openly.

The cost of hiring a criminal defense lawyer depends on the attorney and on the charges you are facing. The best way to find out how much it would cost to hire a particular attorney for your criminal case is to schedule a free consultation.

The right criminal defense lawyer will be knowledgeable about both law and procedure, willing and able to take your case to trial if that’s the best option for you, concerned about your future, and willing to explain the process, your rights, your options, and the strengths and weaknesses of your case in detail.

Criminal defense is part negotiation, part procedural management, and part adversarial battle. So, you’ll want to work with a lawyer who can wear different hats depending on what that moment in your case calls for.